Escape rooms through an American’s eyes

Enjoy An Adventure In the heart of London! We all live for a little thrill and adventure, but if you’re the type of person who thrives off mysteries, clues and complicated puzzles that require great thought and focus, you might be missing out if you haven’t yet explored a live escape room. If you’re not sure what a live escape room is, let’s fill you in—you might be just around the corner from an amazing adventure!

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A live escape room is actually a creative concept, especially for fans of mystery novels who wouldn’t mind partaking in a real-life mystery of their own—of course minus the guns, violence and near-death experiences! A live escape room is basically a room in which you are trapped with other players. There can be anywhere from two or more players in a given room and all of the players have to work together to escape the room within a set period of time. In order to escape, however, you must discover the various hidden clues, objects, and riddles throughout the room and solve the puzzles that result from each clue. The object of the game is to solve all the clues and escape the room before time is up. The final clue will help you toward your escape. Statistically, the more players you have, the better chances you have of being able to escape before time lapses.

It’s said that one of the first escape rooms developed in Silicon Valley, California in 2006 had clues and riddles that were actually inspired by the books of the famous mystery author Agatha Christie. From there, the concept of live escape rooms spread and really gained momentum in 2010, when it traveled throughout the U.S. and across the globe to countries like Japan, China, Taiwan and then continued to gain popularity in places like Australia, Europe, and South America. Today, the most well-known escape rooms are organized by ClueQuest, ClueJob, The Escape Hunt Experience, AdventureRooms and Puzzle Break. To make for greater excitement, escape rooms can adopt a variety of themes from mysterious to downright scary.

Many people are looking for something different and exciting to do—because, let’s face it, being kept hostage by the television can only be entertaining for so long. And with so much action all around us in movies, books and the news, it’s tempting to dig for some livelihood in our own lives. Live escape rooms are a great and novel way to have fun with any group of people. Plus, they’re ideal for a wide range of ages, from youngsters to the elderly. In fact, they’ve become a popular choice of group activity for companies that look to promote and practice team building activities during work outings. They’re also great for groups of friends who are looking for a good time to engage in something unique apart from the usual movie/dinner routine. But live escape rooms could also be a great alternative for families who want to participate in an activity that will help engage every member of their clan and create a sense of bonding. And they’re also, of course, a popular choice among gamers and tourists.

There can be lots of  benefits of going to a live escape room. It’s great to keep your mind fresh, active and sharp. And if you’re looking for a way to get those wheels in your head spinning, a live escape room could be good way to get your mind engaged as you work together with a group of people to mull over clues and puzzles. Focusing on solving a mystery or a puzzle can also help pull your mind away from the daily tensions of life. Plus, solving problems is a great way to practice your logic applications skills and, at the same time, study and possibly adapt how others apply logic to practice sound decision making and calculated judgements. In fact, in China, the “South China Morning Post” touted the benefits of live escape rooms by stating that many students who went to frequented these rooms were individuals who were extremely stressed and overworked. The games were an outlet to distract them from those stresses and allow them to re-channel their energy through focusing on solving challenging problems.

Where you can go to visit a live escape room in London, United Kingdom If live escape games sound like they might be right up your alley and you live in the London, United Kingdom area, you’re in luck. Escape Land is conveniently located on Oxford Street. Our escape rooms are recommended for people 16 years of age and older; however, kids are welcome too as long as they are accompanied by at least two adults. Teams can consist of between two and six players, but if you have a larger group of people, you’re also welcome to split your group into two smaller teams and race against each other in separate rooms to see which group is able to beat the clock and escape first. So if you’re looking for your next adventure with a new date, an old partner or even with your co-workers and want to add a fun twist to what could be another boring night out at dinner or the movies, you might just discover your next adventure awaiting you in a live escape room. In fact, live escape rooms are not only about escaping a room within the amount of time allotted, but also in a way about escaping the mundane, routine nuances of daily life. And there’s nothing more refreshing than being able to inject life with some incredible fun!

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