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Locked up in a room with a group of 3-6 people, you've got 60 minutes to fight through a maze of puzzles and mysteries and to open up the final exit door. Our live escape rooms in London, UK are ideal for team building, game enthusiasts, friends & families.


In a room, designed to challenge your mind, creativity and logic, you need to work together with your team mates to get out in time. Using and combining the objects that can be found inside the  escape room it takes the skills and thinking of the whole group to find the way out.

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7 Tips to a Successful Escape




#1 Strength in numbers


Just one more person in your team can make a huge difference. So many groups who didn't make it out in time were actually very close to finishing the game and to open the exit door. One extra person can easily make the escape 5-10 minutes quicker. 


#2 Look at objects from every angle


When you search for clues, try to be as thorough as an airport security guard. Grab everything, turn things around. The answer to a puzzle can be in your hand, you might be just looking at it from the wrong angle. Have a good eye for details.


#3 Be persistant


If you believe that you have a solution to a game but the code that you have got doesn't open any locks, it can be worthwhile to double check your solving. Never give up, some games can take a while to figure out.


#4 Summarise


What have/ haven't you used? What have/ haven't you solved?.
Have a strategy for dealing with finds. Separating used clues from unused ones can make things a lot easier in the long run.


#5 It's a team game


Share your findings with your team – cooperate and listen to each other. Ask for help from your mates if you find a riddle too difficult or challenging. 


#6 Use the walkie talkie


Many escape rooms provide walkie talkies for players to help them through more complex puzzles if needed. Your captors will happily give you clues along the way but it works both ways. Ask for a clue if you feel you've tried everything and need a little push to move further in the game.


#7 Have Fun!


Have you got any other tips for your fellow players? Share them with us! Email us at





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"The whole place is really well designed."

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"A brilliant opportunity to work as a team, have fun and generally keep your brain ticking!"

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"An amazing set out room full of laughs, challenges and surprises!!!"




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Room #1 Professor Oxford's Experiments


You will be locked in to the Mad Proffesor's house and you travel back 100 years in time. During the game you need to meet with the Professor and use his time travelling machine to come back to the present.


This escape room is based on Escape Land’s original game: Escape from the Age of Steampunk. There are a lot of similarities between these two  escape games, please only book if none of the players in the team has played that room in the past



Escape Room #1 Prof. Oxford



Room #2 Da Vinci's Exploration

Escape Room #2 Da Vinci


Just a few people  know, that Leonardo Da Vinci was part of a secret organisation guarding the holy grail. You need to find the grail and use it as a magical key on the right door, it will then grant you a long and happy life, if you believe in it. The road to the key won’t be easy, because evil forces are working on finding the key as well, they are planning on destroying it. Da Vinci set up different obstacles and challenges on the way to the holy grail to keep unworthy people from finding it. The enemy needs 60 minutes to get to it, are you faster than them?

The quest is based on Da Vinci’s life. This escape game requires players to work as a team to solve hidden puzzles, look for clues and to try to escape in an hour. The room gives to the players the oppurtunity to use their knowledge, teamwork skills to accomplish a unique escape game. 






What is a Live Escape Game?

A small group (usually 3-6) of people is locked up in a room filled with hidden keys, various objects, puzzles, riddles and challenging games. You've got 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and to open the final door. No hard physical exercises or scary elements involved. 


Can we play as a couple? What about 6 or more players?

If you are interested in playing with 2 players, you can contact us using the email address on our Contact Us page.
Escaping the room is possible but quite challenging for two players. It's only recommended only if you have some experience in these type of games and you are very good at puzzles. Teams of 2's have the lowest success rate.
Playing with 6 team members is recommended only if you have a tight group and really want everybody to play together. It's still fun to play with so many mates, but there will be less to do per individuals. 


Is there an age limit for the game?

Players of all ages are welcome, however, some of the games are more complex and require the combinational skills of an adult.
Our escape room is recommended for 16 year olds or above. If there are children in your group, it's advised to have at least 2 adults with them.


Is it possible for 2 teams to race against each other at the same time in two rooms?

Yes, it is possible. The groups can play at the same time (in 2 different rooms). We can change the starting time of the games for you so that both team could start at the same time.  Please let us know if you are looking to book to parallel games.
An Example: You can book the Professor Oxford's Experiments room for 6 pm and the Da Vinci's Exploration room for 6:30 pm. In this case both games can start at 6:00 pm (or 6:30 pm).


What time should I arrive to the game and how long does it last exactly?

Please try to show up only 5 minutes earlier than your booking time. If you come earlier than that, other groups can spoil the experience for you. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and pubs in the area to spend some time before your game starts.
We'd like to avoid delays for groups coming after you so please don't be late. If you are late for more than 10 minutes of the original starting time of your booking, then the length of your session might gets reduced. There is an instruction before the game as well, the whole experience can last up to 75 minutes. If you are quick, it can be less than an hour.


About ticket refund and reshedule.

Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and void if altered. Reschedule is possible in 5 working days, prior the booking time.





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How do we get to the escape room?




By Car:

You can find parking spaces at the Soho Square nearby. It's a public car park so an empty space is not guaranteed.


The Tottenham Court Road station (Central line and Northern Line) is less than a minute walk from us.


Buses stopping near Escape Land: 10,  25,  55,  73,  98,  390



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3.9. If you are late for more than 10 minutes of the original starting time of your booking, then the length of your session might gets reduced.



4.1. The price of a game is stated on the website under the booking section in british pound sterling and we can accept only that currency.

4.2. The price is set according to number of people within the same booking (maximum 6 persons) and to the timing of the week. If you are interested in playing with 2 players, you can contact us using the email address on our Contact Us page.

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4.5. Full payment is required at the time of booking.

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6.2. Fire exits signs are clearly marked.

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6.4. Drinks and food may not be brought into the event.

6.5. To be admitted you must confirm the full name of the booker and might be asked to confirm phone number and email address the booking confirmation was sent to.

6.6. Children at the age of under 16 have to be accompanied by at least 1 adult per event.


7.1. Photos of each team during and at the end of the game is optional by the teams

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